help stop covid covid Is Covid Testing Mandatory In Ontario

Is Covid Testing Mandatory In Ontario


The ontario government recently published guidance for businesses testing their workers for covid. Health protection and promotion act.

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You can check those websites to find a covid testing site nearest you.

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Is covid testing mandatory in ontario. As a result, on sept. Organizations should cover the costs of covid testing as part of the duty to accommodate. The province announced it is expanding its deployment of rapid antigen testing to more.

Such policies might only be justifiable during a pandemic. The policy required that all individuals attending certain job sites be required to submit to screening. The directive was the 6th directive issued to health care providers and entities pursuant to section 77.7(1) of the health protection and promotion act (ontario) (the “hppa”).

The province’s human rights legislation was the basis for. In essence, the employer took an ontario government recommendation and turned it into in a mandatory requirement.

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