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Home Covid Test Instructions

Home Covid Test Instructions. Handle card only on the edges; If you do not collect the specimens as.

Coronavirus (COVID19) tests Methods, availability, and from www.medicalnewstoday.com

Even a very faint, pink test line and a blue. You can take this test at any location on campus; This guide tells you how to:

Healthcare Provider Instructions For Use.

• do not use this test if you have a nose bleed. Instructions blow your nose1 and discard the tissue. You can take this test at any location on campus;

1X Test Device 1X Sterile Swab 1X Test Tube (Sealed With Fluid) 1X Test Tube Cap

Take a swab sample from yourself or a child; Line near the blue line. B.firmly brush against insides of nostril in a circular motion 5 times or more for at least 15 seconds.

Read These Instructions Before You Open The Test Kit.

Wash your hands for 20 seconds before you handle the test kit. Just make sure not to watch a video for one test and assume it fits all tests. 4 place the swab against the inside of

Handle Card Only On The Edges;

Wash or sanitize your hands; 3 insert the cotton end of the swab straight back (not up) into one nostril for 2.5 cm (1 inch). Make sure they are dry before beginning your test.

Check The Waiting Time In The Instructions That Came With Your Test Kit;

Step away from the vending machine area. If you do not collect the specimens as. You do not need to take it at the vending site.

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