JG – Nancy Wang

Nancy Wang

1998 Jack Green Civil Liberties Award Honoree

Nancy Wang is President of the Redwood Empire Chinese Association (“RECA”) and is a founding member of the Sonoma County Coalition on Police Accountability.

Nancy’s work in the community has focused on justice for the family of Kuan Chung Kao, who was shot to death by a Rohnert Park police officer within 30 seconds of his arrival on the scene. The unexplained circumstances of the shooting and the deficiencies in law enforcement’s investigation have raised serious questions that frame the issues in the local drive for police accountability. Nancy’s work on behalf of the Kao family and her unwavering commitment have created a climate in Sonoma County that will support police reform.

In the past year, Nancy has been a courageous spokeswoman for her organization and our community on issues relating to independent investigation of killings at the hands of police and the effective training of our law enforcement officers. Nancy has met with state and federal legislators, given countless press interviews locally and nationally, and attended more meetings that she ever intended when she accepted the position as president of RECA. A leader in the community meetings with local police chiefs and the sheriff, Nancy extended the invitation to the ACLU and the Peace and Justice Center to sit at the table. Nancy is one of driving forces in the movement for local police accountability.

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