Jack Green Award


Why Jack Green has an award named for him by Gaye LeBaron: http://northbaydigital.sonoma.edu/cdm/ref/collection/Lebaron/id/425

Jack Green Civil Liberties Award Honorees

2014 Richard Coshnear
2013 Mei Nakano
2012 David Grabill
2011 Tom Smothers
2010 Alicia Sanchez
2009 Willie Garrett
2008 Elizabeth Stinson
2006 Ben Boyce
2005 Rabbi Michael Robinson
2004 Alice Waco
2003 Tanya Brannan
2002 Maria Rifo
2001 Roger Pearson
2000 Founders & Early activists of Sonoma County ACLU:
Jack & Mattie Rudinow, Ida Hunter. Margaret Clark, Harold Gordon, Will Booth, Ken Stocking, Marvin & Helen Sherak, Dr. Fred Warren, Dr. Francis Crawford, Margrita Klassen, Marshall Wheeler, Anita Beebe, Dr. Donald Duncan, Nancy Gauntt, Rev. Geoffrey Selth, Rex Sater, Dr. Fred Warren, Dr. Warren Olson, Dr. George Butler, Dr. Kenneth Mesches, Dr. Ambrose Nichols, Shirley Rapoport, Michael Blume, Ethel Shipnuck, Irving Newman John Durr, Jack Warnick, Thea Van Loghem, Lee Torliatt, Bill English, Doris Sloan, Glen Price
1999 Platt Williams
1998 Nancy Wang
1997 Francie Moeller
1996 Father Xavier Ochoa
1995 Kenneth Marcus
1994 Christina Briano
1993 Edie Sussman
1992 Georgia Prescott
1991 Teachers & Students Fighting Censorship in Sonoma County High Schools:
Michael Houghton, Eric Hamilton, Jim Pitt, Nancy Casazza, Barbara Gosselin, Anita Kahl, Lanny Lowery, Joann Sonnenstein, Dale Steffy, the Staff of Ipso Facto
1990 Carol Ellis
1989 Mary & Russell Jorgensen

For nearly two decades, the ACLU of Sonoma County has presented the Jack Green Civil Liberties Award to community members who have transformed their deep and often life-long commitment to civil liberties, human rights and social justice into action resulting in significant, local impact. Our list of recipients is a distinguished gallery of Sonoma County champions whose creative leadership, integrity and dedication has inspired and motivated others.

The Sonoma County ACLU presents this award at its Awards Ceremony and Annual Dinner in remembrance of Jack Green, a young Santa Rosa union organizer and ACLU member who, for his efforts, was tarred, feathered and dumped outside the county line by vigilantes. Jack Green’s dedicated activism and his struggle for justice mark the beginning of the ACLU’s fight for civil liberties in Sonoma County.

Nominations for the Jack Green Civil Liberties Award may be submitted at any time by filling out the Nomination Form. Anyone may nominate a candidate, including members of the public who are not current ACLU members. The Jack Green Civil Liberties Award Committee also may solicit nominations for activists who have come to its attention.

Eligibility Criteria:

•  Current resident of Sonoma County;

•  Committed to the values of civil liberties, human rights, and social justice;

• Engaged in activism for social change with significant local impact;

• Recognized as a creative leader whose dedication and integrity has inspired and motivated others;

• Willing to attend the ACLU of Sonoma County Awards Ceremony and Annual Dinner;

• Not a current member of the ACLU of Sonoma County Board of Directors.