Latest update from ACLU of Sonoma County.

Our local chapter website is being revamped. In the wake of the recent election, there has been an increased interest in our organization, and in the ACLU nationwide. Our last meeting featured the appearance of several new community members who expressed a desire to become more involved. 
Our San Francisco affiliate requesting that we have interested persons fill out the form by clicking below link.  


We look forward to continuing our civil rights work with your involvement.

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting on January 17th at 7 pm at the PJC, when we hold elections for our board (submit your application online at the ACLUNC site). Charles Prickett will be showing a short film about the Freedom Summer and will make a short presentation, as well. We will also be serving pizza/salad and provide beverages.
Get involved. Channel that anger in a productive way. Join us!

Take Action

It’s time to fight

Make it clear that you are ready, willing and able to fight like hell to protect the Constitution and defend freedom

Demilitarize Standing Rock

Tell the DOJ to investigate constitutional violations and suspend police use of federally supplied military equipment.

Social Media Helps Police Spy On Activists

Stop discriminatory surveillance of activists on social media.

End the Culture of Warrior Policing

We must consider just how broken policing practices are in America – and act to prevent more deaths.